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Palatine & Modern Art 'Skip the line'

Palatine & Modern Art 'Skip the line'

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A glamorous painting gallery, housed in the last Medici residence, later to be also the residence of the Habsburg-Lorraine family and of the Royal family of Italy when Florence was capital of the country. 

The display does not follow a chronological order (differently from the Uffizi), with paintings displayed according to similarity of the subjects, frames, size of the canvas or colours.

Among the artworks here are many by Raffaello, Tiziano, Andrea del Sarto, Rubens, Van Dyke and Caravaggio, purchased by the Medicis or donated to them. Most of them belonged to the collections of Cardinal Leopold and Prince Ferdinand. As in the Uffizi, the collection is fully international, with a high number of Dutch and Flemish paintings. From the Gallery of the Statues a balcony opens up on the courtyard and offers a splendid view onto the Boboli Gardens.

Opening Times:

Tuesday - Sunday: 8.15 - 18.50
closed on mondays


Piazza Pitti 1 50123 Firenze

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